• Word Search Game

    Play it alone or on your own! Lots of words need to be discovered. They are all hidden among hundreds of random letters. Compete with your friends and see who has better concentration and spelling skills.

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  • Memory Game

    If you trust your focus, this game is for you. You will try to match the pictures and words on the tiles by turning them and while doing that you will learn many new words. Are you ready for the challenge of your life?

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  • Unscramble Game

    This is game of grammar in which you will test your knowledge of grammar about different topics such as tenses, passive voice, idioms, etc. Improve your grammatical skills while having fun!

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  • Spin The Wheel

    A topic-based spin-the-wheel games which can be played as multi-player or alone. Every-time you spin the wheel a multiple choice question is shown, if you can answer it your team gets the score :)

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  • Speed Up

    If you have think you know your vocabulary try this game! This is an exciting time-based vocabulary/listening game which need a great deal of speed and concentration. Have fun playing...

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  • Hangman Game

    Play the classic hangman game with your friends and learn lots and lots of useful words. They games have been grouped under useful topics which every English student needs to learn.

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  • Interactive Crossword Puzzles

    A large number of highly interactive and fun crossword puzzles designed for all ages and levels. Play them on you own or with you friends to improve you vocabulary skills and, of course, to have a great time. enjoy!

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