Memory Game - Colors

About This Game

Learn lots of new vocabulary about colors in English by playing this memory game. Every time you click on a tile the target words will be pronounced and your job is to match the words with their pictures. while it takes around a minute to finish this game you will learn both the definitions and pronounciation of each word in a small matter of time. and this makes it a exciting language learning game. The words you will see in this game are: black, blue, brown, green, orange, pink, purple, red, white, yellow

How to play

The goal of this game is to learn new vocabulary in English. Also, you can review the words you already know by playing this fun interactive game.

Try to match the pictures and words on the tiles by turning them. The faster you find a match for a given item the higher your score will be. If you can not match the item in a certain amount of time you will receive the minimum score for your next match.

Please, make sure you write a comment under the game to let other know how much you enjoyed the game.


simon: ok

Emma: ok

Emma: ok

Ezequiel: Ok

Neizan: Divertido

Marcos: Es dice pero más tiempo porfa

Marcos: Es dice pero más tiempo porfa

Alejandra : it is funny😱👍

Cayetana : In the beeach

Cayetana : Pienso en la plalla

Xian Ymia : Bien

Valeria : Es guay

Lucia Isabel Hernandez : divertido

Jesus chaves : Bien

angelica maria quevedo: ok

angelica maria quevedo: ok

Sina: What is OK?

Arthur: Ok

Arthur: Ok

LGL: A doro

paula: ok