Actions Verbs Interactive Memory Games

Test your focus by playing the Action Verbs Memory Game. Listen to the most important action verbs in English and match them with their meanings. If you want a competition, you can have a match with your classmates over who will complete them game in as fewer moves as possible.

Animals Interactive Memory Games

The most important words used to speak about the Animal Kingdom are here. There are +80 animal names here which you can learn easily while having lots and lots of fun with you classmates.

Body Parts Interactive Memory Games

Learn body part in English once and for all. These vocabulary games help you learn all there is to know about the parts of human body. Also, they will help you learn their pronunciation as wach word in the game is pronounced several times.

Classroom Objects Interactive Memory Games

This is a great resource for English Teachers at school. Here is complete list of the vocabulary items your students need to know about the daily objects in school and the classroom. There over 35 word here that your students need to learn before they can start speaking in English about the objects in the classroom.

Clothes Interactive Memory Games

Fashion is important! That is exactly why you should learn to speak about clothes. But, don't worry. You can learn almost all you need by solving the interactive puzzles here. The puzzles have been divided into three sections. The first two section are easy, however, if you are look for a challenge, see what you can do about the third one!

Colors Interactive Memory Games

The vocabulary games in this section are a perfect resource for younger students who are learning colors in English. Through these games, they will have an opportunity to improve their listening and concentration skills.

Countries, Nationalities and Flags Interactive Memory Games

Learn about different countries, their flags and the ways you need to address their nationalities.

Time of the Day, Days of the Week and Special Days Interactive Memory Games

Learn how to say the days of the week in English. These puzzles also include the different times in a day and the most important special days that you need to learn about.

Foods Interactive Crossword Puzzles

Learn about different categories of foods and drinks in English by hearing their names and matching them with their pictures. Here is +60 new words for you to learn.

Fruits Interactive Memory Games

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and enjoy a healthy life! The game in this section will help you with the name of common fruits in English language.

House and furniture Interactive Crossword Puzzles

Learn how to spell the different parts in a house and the furniture in each part of the house.

Emotions and Feelings Memory Game

Learn how to express your feelings and emotions in English. This is a great resource if you are a beginner in English, since feelings is one of the most basic topic that you need to learn.

Jobs Interactive Memory Games

Practice the vocabulary related to jobs and professions by playing these games. you will learn the names of over +30 games by playing these interactive games.

Nature and the Natural Environment Memory Games

Learn 20 important and very common world used in English to speak about the things we see in nature.

Seasons and Months Memory Games

Two on-line concentration games which test your knowledge of the seasons and months in English.

Shapes Interactive Memory Games

If you are planning to learn the names of the geometric shapes in English, this is your challenge. Here are some well-designed memory games which will teach you the pronunciation of the shapes in English. Learn the shapes in English by looking at their pictures and matching them with their words.

Sports Interactive Crossword Puzzles

Learn the words for different types of sports and physical activities.

Technology Interactive Crossword Puzzles

If you have recently learned a lesson about technology in your English class, here is your opportunity to practice.

Toys Interactive Memory Games

This set of interactive games is a great resource for teachers of students in primary school. A complete set of vocabulary items related to common toys and a great opportunity for the students to learn and preactice their listening.

Transportation Interactive Memory Games

These games set will help you master the words related to means of transportation. The list of words includes private, public transportation means as well as the ones used for sports or fun.

Vegetables Interactive Memory Game

Learning the words in the vegetable world has never been so easy. Three crossword puzzle games which teach you the pronunciation and the meaning of common vegetables is just one click away.

Weather Conditions Interactive Memory Game

Two great online concentration games to improve your knowledge of weather conditions in English.