Common Adjectives Online Unscramble Game

Learn the most important English adjectives used in English in context. Did you ever know that learning grammar can also be fun?!

Simple Present Online Unscramble Game

Test what you have learn about the simple present test in English by trying to unscramble the sentences. Practice the simple present tense in its three forms: positive, negative and question.

Present Progressive Online Unscramble Game

Practice the use of present continuous tense by unscrambling the sentences. It is both fun and you will learn lots and lots of thing by doing so.

Verb To Be (Am, Is, Are, Was, Were) Online Unscramble Game

This is an educational game for beginners. This game< teaches you the extremely important and useful to be verb structure with plenty of examples.

Prepositions Online Unscramble Game

This is an effect series to get familiarize your students with the used of prepositions in sentence.

  • Prepositions (In, On, Under)
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  • Prepositions (Behind, In Front Of, Next To)
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  • Prepositions (Between, Among, Near...)
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Simple Past Online Unscramble Game

Practice simple present tense in context by making sentences. Here is your chance to explore simple past statements, negative sentences, questions and simple past with irregular verbs.

Comparatives and Superlatives Online Unscramble Game

Practice by comparatives and superlative adjectives with lots of example sentences.

  • Comparative Adjectives 1
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  • Comparative Adjectives 2
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  • Superlative Adjectives 1
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  • Superlative Adjectives 2
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  • Comparative and Superlative Adjectives
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