About the Author

Me on the mountain

Hi everyone! My name is Sina Panahi. I am an English teacher and I live in Istanbul, Turkey.

All of the games and activities on this websites have originally been designed for my own students in Beylikduzu American Culture College (It's the name of the school I work in).

Me with my wife on the beach

As you may have realized, I have recently started working on this website and I will need a lot of feedback from my users to improve it. So, please feel free to get in touch with me with your views or with the materials that you would like to see in here.

The aim of this site is providing the students with opportunities to have fun while learning English. The content (at least for now) is mostly aimed at lower-age and lower-level students. However. thorugh time, I will try to expand it to cover the needs for higher-level students, too.

Please, support me in this project by recommending my website to your colleagues and friends. Cheers! :)