Memory Game - Farm Animals

About This Game

Learning farm animals in English is very important for an English student. This game will help you practice the farm animals vocabulary in English thorough a fun, interactive, online game which is % free, No need to sign-up or other time consuming things to do just enter and play. You will also improve your listening and pronunciation by listening to the words read by the computer which makes it far easier to reminf them in the future. The word to expect in this game are: cow, donkey, duck, goat, hourse, pig, sheep, chicken, rooster, dog

How to play

The goal of this game is to learn new vocabulary in English. Also, you can review the words you already know by playing this fun interactive game.

Try to match the pictures and words on the tiles by turning them. The faster you find a match for a given item the higher your score will be. If you can not match the item in a certain amount of time you will receive the minimum score for your next match.

Please, make sure you write a comment under the game to let other know how much you enjoyed the game.


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mariana liseth sanabria perez: mudibertido

mariana liseth sanabria perez: mudibertido

camilo: que pudo ganar

camilo: que pudo ganar

Laura Cerqueira Brito Calland:




Fer: L

Natan: No

Jordi Labrada Espinosa: Muy divertida la actividad

IANYITZHAK: Aprender mucho


justin : gane

Poop: Wow

marionagg9: que guayare

M.sibtain: Im a genius

Gabrie Silva: Good game

Vardan Pal: No thig

Vardan Pal: No thig

Vardan Pal: No thig

Vardan Pal: No thig

jowell: gane

Yessica : ALVAREZ