Unscramble - Past Simple

About This Game

This game will teach you the past simple which are common and highly recommended by experienced English teachers . this game helps you to detect accurate place of sentence particles while you are competing with yourself to do it faster each time and by the time you are practicing unscramble game you will review lots of common words used in daily conversation among English speakers.

How to play

In this game you will practice making sentences used in daily conversations. This game will turn grammar into a fun activity for you. There are a number of unscrambled sentences, your job is to put each word in its proper place in the sentence.

The faster you unscramble a sentence the higher your score will be. If you can not unscramble the item in a certain amount of time you will receive the minimum score for it. Also, if you make mistake for three time in a row the game will let your skip the item. In that case you will not receive any score for your that sentence.

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