Spin The Wheel - Classroom Objects 2

About This Game

A fun game to learn classroom objects in English. Play and practice the vocabulary for classroom objects in English. In this game you will learn word related to classroom objects by answering questions about many different words related to this topic. Forget about flash cards and notes you were keeping in your pocket to review English words, play this for a few minutes everyday and your will remember common classroom objects forever.

How to play

Spin the wheel of fortune and answer the question that pops up for you. The only two thing that can help you get high score in this game are your talent and luck.

Unlike other games on this website, you do not have to play this game alone. The game has 2-, 3- and 4-player modes so you can enjoy learning and playing with your best buddies.


Alice - not happy: I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT. I lost by only 50 points!!! Why does this game stop at random times? One time it stopped after 8mins, and then 10mins, another time 11mins... give me more time next time laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa