Word Miner - Vegetables

About This Game

In this game you will learn about the vegetables in English. You will listen to the pronunciation of the words related to the vegetables used in English and you will try to match them with their pictures while there is no time to think about them you have to do it really quick otherwise you will lose!. playing this game you will challenge yourself to get the highest score and be the first among other players, Learning is not boring anymore. You will see the following words in this game: potatoes, carrot, tomatoes, mushroom, onion, pepper, corn, cucumber, spinach, broccoli,cauliflower, eggplant, pumpkin, parsley, peas, celery, turnip, cabbage, green beans, garlic

How to play

This game is very simple but effective for reviewing the vocabulary you have learned in the past. An exciting time-based vocabulary/spelling game which needs a great deal of speed and concentration. First you will see a picture in the top of the game area, in the middle of the screen you will see 8 words. Your job is to fine the word for the corresponding picture, when you choose your answer you will see the next picture while the words are replaced by new ones. Every time you match a picture with a word the timer continues run a little bit faster; every time you make a mistake when matching a picture with a word the timer's speed will increase even more. So, be careful not to make many mistakes. Every day you can measure your learning progress checking your score, and try to break your own record. In Word Mine game for each correct answer you will get minimum 150 positive points, but by the time the game goes harder, when you match a words with its picture the score given to you will increase by a little bit so the more items you answer in your time, the higher your score will be. Enjoy playing...