Hangman - Nature

About This Game

Learning nature in English is very important for an English student. This game will help you practice the nature vocabulary in English thorough a fun, interactive, Hangman game which is really cool. You will also improve your word knowledge by reviewing each word which makes it far easier to remember them in the future.

How to play

In this game your job is guess the hidden word and reveal its letters one by one. To do this, look at topic of the hangman game and count the number of the mystery word. Then click on a letter that you think might be part of the answer. If you are right a letter will be revealed for you and you can proceed to find out the next one. However, if you are wrong the Hangman will get one step closer to being hanged! So, be very careful not have the poor Hangman killed :(

Once you have enough scores you can also use the Joker buttons, too. But beware! each time you use one of them you lose some score!